Mike Montano "Psycho-Mike" Filth Cancer Benefit Fest feat. The Infamous East-Bay Punk Band, Fifteen, January 25th 2014 at Toot's Tavern in Crockett, Ca.

While everyone's out there thinking about their New Years resolutions for themselves, why not make one or two to support a good cause and help out those in need a little? This cancer-benefit show for Mike "Psycho-Mike" Filth featuring the reunited legendary east-bay punk band Fifteen is happening at the end of January, but if you can't make it you can always donate a little spare change (or a lot) on his gofundme account here....  

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About 10k has been raised so far, Mike needs to meet his goal of at least 60k to ensure his treatment and hopefully, eventual recovery.

Have a cause that needs more attention and help spreading the word? Contact us on any of these facepunk pages or send an email to drstrangerecords@gmail.org

"Dr. Strange Records: Since 1988, Yeah, we care about stuff..."

Info from the Facepunk event page....

Saturday Jan. 25th at Toot's Tavern in Crockett, Ca.
Michael Montano of East Bay bands Filth, Strychnine, Ding Dang and more needs our help! He has been stricken with a rare and aggressive from of cancer and the bills are piling up. Come out and show your support for a good cause! 100% OF THE DOOR GOES TO MIKE!



Can't attend? Donate here online: www.gofundme.com/5ctmbc


Fifteen (original lineup #1, two piece, no amps)
Civil War Rust
Mystic Knights of the Cobra
Guantanamo Dogpile
The Hunky Newcomers (from Lansing, MI)
City Mouse (From San Diego, CA)
Freedom Club
Bobby Joe Ebola (Special Songbook Roulette Set!)

21+, sorry young folks.


Toot's Tavern

Event Link:
— at Toot's Tavern.

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Defective Children- Traitors

Bradley Manning- Traitor

Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August ...
Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August 8, 2010, in Quantico, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This isn't a protest song and I am not Bradley Manning. Weather or not it makes you a true patriot I don't know, but I never joined the military, and I also never felt like I was somehow superior with my ideas for opposing the military industrial complex. My opinions and thoughts are usually focused more on abstract paradigms and silently observing events in nature.

English: Slogan for the support of the persecu...
English: Slogan for the support of the persecuted American ex-soldier who is claimed to have leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks Deutsch: Slogan für die Unterstützung und Freilassung von Bradley Manning, der beschuldigt wird, geheime Dokumente an WikiLeaks weitergegeben zu haben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Political debates are annoying to me, and more often than not it seems like people have a really hard time finding common ground on any important issue. I prefer to avoid familiar territory with lyrics and cliche subjects for song writing, but lately the air has become so thick with bullshit, and it's difficult to hold back.

I don't know if this song or anything I ever wrote will ever make a difference, anywhere for anyone. I just hope that maybe I can help spread the word a little. People should know that Bradly Manning and many others are being unjustly charged and imprisoned for leaking info about war-crimes and violations of the 4th amendment (Right to Privacy) and other autonomous rights Americans are supposed to have, but never really did.

Defective Children- Traitors
Cameras on every corner 
Drones spying from the sky
Almost everything is tracked online

People get hung out to dry 
If they’re sworn to secrecy and 
Leak the truth even if it ends up saving lives

All ye Traitors will learn to obey and abide by
The New World law and order, there’s no mercy for your kind 
Or sympathy for anyone, who doesn’t kill for our side
All ye Traitors to the system must die.

Nothing’s new, we always 
Knew security works at it’s best 
When it is pirating your right to privacy

Protecting freedom for the 
Masses means a few Good men 
Take the fall for truth and transparency

All ye Traitors will be tortured,
Indicted for treason like Bradley Manning
Yes, we can violate, and take away your rights
Ultimately our goal is total control over your body and mind 
All ye Rebel Traitors will surrender or die.

We don’t give a shit
About the establishment
Never cease the fight to resist

The US Government 
Will be exposed for what it is 
By military and civilian dissidents

I am a Traitor if it means 
You want me to hide war crimes and
Injustice against anyone who selflessly risks their life 
And gives up everything to spill the beans and drop a dime 
All ye Traitors of Humanity must die.
English: Protest against the imprisonment of B...
English: Protest against the imprisonment of Bradley Manning, Fort Snelling, Minnesota, March 2011 Deutsch: Protest gegen die Inhaftierung Bradley Mannings, Fort Snelling, Minnesota im März 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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April 20th, 2013 is National Record Store Day! 15% Off Everything at Dr. Strange! (and free mustache rides!)

Less than 3 weeks from today! It's that time of the year again!! In honor of National Record Store Day on Sat. April 20th, Dr. Strange Records will be offering  %15 off everything for sale in store. If you don't live anywhere near Dr. Strange, be sure to go and support your local record store pick up some fresh wax!! Record Shops everywhere will be celebrating with great deals!! Dr. Strange will also be giving away FREE mustache rides for mom and dad and Indian burns for the kiddies!! Loads of spewing laughter and fun will be coming out of every orifice!!! -Dusty D

Record Store Day
Record Store Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Jesse Michaels On The State Of Punk Rock (Video)

Jesse Michaels
Cover of Jesse Michaels

And We're Back!! At least for now, I just looked at this blog and my last post was two months ago...holy shit! Time flies indeed, but Punk Rock never dies! Which leads me Jesse Michaels, just look at this guy, he's been Punk for 40 years and doesn't look a day past 25, 20 without the sexy beard.....hey that rhymed  anyway don't listen to me, check out this video blog Jesse just made about the state of Punk Rock today....

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The Dusty Dirt Punk Radio Podcast Ep.1 Fuck Work!

So here we go! I Finished the first Dusty Dirt Punk Radio Podcast last night, it could have been uploaded a few days ago, but I was hoping to get one more song from a band I wont mention 'cuz I don't want to embarrass them (the Cheated). I plan on doing another "Work" related Podcast in the near future so hopefully by then I'll have their song "Work," it's a great song to say the least.
Anyway enough ripping on the Cheated for now, in fact if it wasn't for bands like the Cheated I might not know what work really means. See, not too long ago, I thought "work" meant busting your ass doing something you don't like, so you can buy shit you kind of like, with money. The work you're doing, time and labor you put in go to make profit for someone else, and a the money you earn goes right back into the pockets of someone else, who is already making a profit, so it stays there, but you're pockets always seem to be empty...... (more after the track list)
Intro Mash-Up-- Fuck Work 
1. Doom- Beat The Boss 
2 9-5 Ramones 
3. Operation Cliff Clavin- Call In Sick 
4. I've Had It- Black Flag 
5. Wake Up- Faith and Failure 
6. Dystopia- Socialized Death Sentence 
7. Chelsea Right To Work
8. Career Opportunities- The Clash 
9. Devo - 'Workin in Coal Mine
10. A Global Threat - Work or War
11. Goddamn Job- Off With Their Heads- 
12. Take this Job- Dead Kennedys
13. Clock In, Clock Out- Fecal- 
14. Depression- Work all Day 
15. MITB- Work To Death 
16. Pipe Bomb- 16 Tons 
17. Machine- Black Flag 
Talk Break 
17. Gotta Get a Job- One Man Running 
18. Fifteen- Family Values 
19. Work Song- Krieg Kopf 
20. The Job That Ate My Brain- Ramones 
21. Fuck Work- Other
22. Too Many ELO Days- Timeshares
23. Talkin' Hard Work- Woody Guthrie 
Talk Break 
24. Quit Your Job- Chixdiggit 
25. Clock in- Black Flag
26. Working Men are Pissed- The Minutemen 
25. Did You Know?- Fifteen 
26. All Time Low- Defective Children 
END BUMPER Mash-Up-- They Stole Our Jobs! 9-5 Dolly Parton

After years of playing in bands and struggling to remain independent from corporate America, I started to realize that the "work" we do at our daily grind, is in fact not real work at all. On the other end of the spectrum, right brained, creative activities are not considered a persons life-work by many people, but are mostly defined as hobbies and thing you do when you are done with "work" for the day.This narrow attitude about work and jobs in American society marginalizes many of those who's greatest talents are creative-right-brained musical and artistic abilities.

To be completely candid, the main reason I titled my first podcast "Fuck Work!" is because I'm sick and tired of hearing people brag about how great their jobs are, or how much they hate their jobs. If you work and have a great job/career with the golden handcuffs, retirement, stocks, and all that jazz, well good for you, but I got some news for you: No one really gives a half a shit, and in my opinion you're awesome full-time job is worthless if you do nothing outside of that to help people that are less fortunate. If you don't like your job, then you must understand that you can remove yourself from any situation you do not feel comfortable in. Maybe you should think about if  the job is worth the stress it causes and time you are forced to spend away from family, children, and friends, while instead spending most of the day with asshole bosses, customers and co-workers.

I have much much more to say about the topic of work and jobs but I'll just freeze it there for now. One more thing though, I know that many people take pride in their work and like the people they work with, and their boss. There are some decent employers out there, I think that the most important point I want to highlight is that when you work, you shouldn't feel like a slave or like there is no hope for a better alternative to your current occupation. I think that the world would be a much happier place if people could find real intrinsic value in the work they do for that steady pay-check. A lot of people just work for material gain, and find extrinsic value in their work. It seems that many of those types of people don't really care how hard or fucked up the job is, they just do it because they have this overwhelming drive to survive. To them, extrinsic rewards are worth putting up with the stresses of day-to-day workplace issues and drama. 

In the upcoming Dusty Dirt Punk Radio Podcasts, I want to try to talk more about the theme, or topic or the show. I am just getting used to recording voice only and talking into a microphone rather than singing, I have plans to do some interviews, discussions, and a bit of sketch comedy which I would like to work on writing with other people. I have to of course, give a big thanks to all the friend and fans who supported this podcast from it's conception. I'm attempting to do two podcasts a week right now, this week I will be putting together Episode 2 "Fuck You!" and Episode 3 with the working title "Violent Night"- an all-request Christmas edition of the podcast,  it will be my gift to all of you!!  Anything you want me to play, I will play it! Even if I think it sucks Rhinoceros Nuts!!!! --Dusty Dirt
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On Mixcloud!

Fuck Work Ep. 1 
Intro and Outro Audio Mash-Ups........
Intro- "Fuck Work" Mash-up 1

Outro- "9 to 5, They Stole Our Jobs!"

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